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Title presentation type Surname Country Datesort descending Start time Venue
The Digital Object of Desire: Cognition and Access spoken Das Gupta INDIA 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 10:30 Conference Room 1
The "training for trainers program" in Mexico and Colombia, Switzerland and Austria as part of the “Ibermemoria platform” spoken Hegewisch MEXICO 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 14:30 Conference Room 2
Preserving 78-rpm records : what conclusions ? Six years of research at the French National Library spoken Loyant FRANCE 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 13:30 Conference Room 1
Access for all? spoken Belt NORWAY 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 15:30 Conference Room 1
Talking to Former Tape Manufacturers spoken Schüller AUSTRIA 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 13:30 Conference Room 1
Experiential museums: spaces for diverse audiences to engage with audiovisual resources spoken Prasad INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 13:30 Conference Room 1
Online collections and Social Inclusion: Challenge of the Access to the Information in Brazil spoken Nascimento Fonseca BRAZIL 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:00 Conference Room 1
Archiving India: Developing sustainable local content spoken Worcester UNITED STATES 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 15:30 Auditorium
IASA-TC 4, Chapter 5: Signal Extraction from Original Carriers tutorial Schüller AUSTRIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 15:30 Conference Room 2
Collection Management, an Overview workshop Pellizzari SWITZERLAND 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 13:30 Conference Room 2
From Ownership to Trusteeship: Archival challenges to the imagination of Intellectual Property keynote Liang INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Preservation and Provision of Access of a national non-broadcast archive: the digitization of the Music collection of the National Library of Israel spoken Flam ISRAEL 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:00 Auditorium
Enabling Access based platforms for Audio/Visual and Static Content spoken Sood INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:30 Auditorium
Audio delivery and Enhanced Online Access at the National Library of Australia spoken Bradley AUSTRALIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 15:30 Conference Room 1
Bridging the gap: Democratizing Media Access spoken Srinivasan INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 13:30 Auditorium
Digitized networking of Indian Music Archives: In search for a common Language spoken Gopalakrishnan INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:30 Auditorium
Community Archiving in the Digital Context spoken Deo UNITED KINGDOM 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:30 Conference Room 1
Archiving acoustics spoken Manthravadi INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:00 Auditorium
Dealing with AV media and digital files in the Swedish Media Database at the National Library of Sweden spoken Johansson SWEDEN 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:00 Conference Room 1
The digitisation project of Roberto Gerhard’s magnetic tape collection spoken García Karman UNITED KINGDOM 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:30 Auditorium