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From Ownership to Trusteeship: Archival challenges to the imagination of Intellectual Property keynote Liang INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Preservation and Provision of Access of a national non-broadcast archive: the digitization of the Music collection of the National Library of Israel spoken Flam ISRAEL 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:00 Auditorium
Enabling Access based platforms for Audio/Visual and Static Content spoken Sood INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:30 Auditorium
Bridging the gap: Democratizing Media Access spoken Srinivasan INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 13:30 Auditorium
Digitized networking of Indian Music Archives: In search for a common Language spoken Gopalakrishnan INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:30 Auditorium
Pygmies, POWs and Philadelphians – excavating black recording pioneers in Europe spoken Lotz GERMANY 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 11:00 Auditorium
A Staff of 10,000 spoken George UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 10:00 Auditorium
Social Scientists as Users: Searching for Recorded Sound in its Environment spoken Jähnichen MALAYSIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 09:30 Auditorium
Archiving acoustics spoken Manthravadi INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:00 Auditorium
Towards Universal Access – AIATSIS - an Australian case study. spoken Taylor AUSTRALIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 11:30 Auditorium
Great Expectations, Often Unrealised: Archival Dilemmas in Papua New Guinea and Beyond spoken Niles PAPUA NEW GUINEA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 09:00 Auditorium
The digitisation project of Roberto Gerhard’s magnetic tape collection spoken García Karman UNITED KINGDOM 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:30 Auditorium
First step toward safeguarding our endangered national cultural heritage of indigenous people in the various regions of Mexico spoken Luna MEXICO 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 12:00 Auditorium
An Italian experience in collecting, preserving 78s Italian jazz records and how to ensure free access to our heritage music spoken Pacci ITALY 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 10:00 Auditorium
"Österreich am Wort", a project giving web access to more than 5,000 mostly full length recordings spoken Lewetz AUSTRIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:00 Auditorium
Providing Quality Access Regardless of Restrictions: Serving Researchers While Protecting Commercial Materials spoken Seay UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:30 Auditorium
Archiving India: Developing sustainable local content spoken Worcester UNITED STATES 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 15:30 Auditorium
Private music archives of Lutfullah Khan and others in Pakistan: ‘Treasuring in’ a nostalgia of the undivided South Asia spoken Saeed INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:00 Auditorium
One to many: methods and issues of repatriation and proactive archiving panel Topp Fargion UNITED KINGDOM 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Dissemination of music archives through educational materials: the “For Future Generations” exhibit and ILAM Music Heritage Project SA panel Thram SOUTH AFRICA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:00 Auditorium