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Title presentation typesort descending Surname Country Date Start time Venue
An Italian experience in collecting, preserving 78s Italian jazz records and how to ensure free access to our heritage music spoken Pacci ITALY 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 10:00 Auditorium
"Österreich am Wort", a project giving web access to more than 5,000 mostly full length recordings spoken Lewetz AUSTRIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:00 Auditorium
Providing Quality Access Regardless of Restrictions: Serving Researchers While Protecting Commercial Materials spoken Seay UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:30 Auditorium
Towards an open and accessible sound and audiovisual archives: Case study of Zimbabwe spoken Chisita ZIMBABWE 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:30 Conference Room 1
Online collections and Social Inclusion: Challenge of the Access to the Information in Brazil spoken Nascimento Fonseca BRAZIL 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:00 Conference Room 1
Archiving India: Developing sustainable local content spoken Worcester UNITED STATES 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 15:30 Auditorium
Private music archives of Lutfullah Khan and others in Pakistan: ‘Treasuring in’ a nostalgia of the undivided South Asia spoken Saeed INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:00 Auditorium
Oscillating between free & mediated access online: The case of NaadSaagar Archives & Documentation Society for South Asian Music spoken Zuberi INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:00 Conference Room 1
The Samvaad Foundation – Archiving Hindustani Music spoken Deshpande INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 10:00 Conference Room 1
The Digital Object of Desire: Cognition and Access spoken Das Gupta INDIA 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 10:30 Conference Room 1
Successes and failures of providing access through the digital domain at Makerere University Klaus Wachsmann Music Archive spoken Naluwooza UGANDA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:00 Conference Room 1
Preserving the recordings of the Composers Forum: A case study spoken Davis UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 12:00 Conference Room 1
Media archiving with computer aided support systems spoken Lorenz GERMANY 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 09:00 Auditorium
Large Scale Video Migrations in context of customer experiences spoken Kummer AUSTRIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 09:30 Auditorium
Open Source Digital Preservation for Audiovisual Archives spoken Martin AUSTRALIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 10:00 Auditorium
Notions of Access: Performance Practices in the Digital Archive spoken Dave INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 14:00 Conference Room 1
Pushing the Boundaries of Online Access and Repatriation with Tagore's Transformative Torch spoken Bittel UNITED STATES 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Copyright vs accessibility – the challenge of exploitation spoken Buys SOUTH AFRICA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 12:00 Auditorium
Travelling with an Archive spoken Bhowmik INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:00 Conference Room 1
Locating Copyright in Free Speech Doctrine spoken Sheikh INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:30 Auditorium