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Title presentation type Surnamesort descending Country Date Start time Venue
Access for all? spoken Belt NORWAY 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 15:30 Conference Room 1
Travelling with an Archive spoken Bhowmik INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:00 Conference Room 1
Pushing the Boundaries of Online Access and Repatriation with Tagore's Transformative Torch spoken Bittel UNITED STATES 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Recommended Target Formats for Video Preservation tutorial Blood UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:00 Conference Room 2
How do they do that: A primer on audiovisual compression workshop Blood UNITED STATES 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 13:30 Conference Room 2
Audio delivery and Enhanced Online Access at the National Library of Australia spoken Bradley AUSTRALIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 15:30 Conference Room 1
Devising Institutional Access Principles panel Burdette UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 14:00 Auditorium
Copyright vs accessibility – the challenge of exploitation spoken Buys SOUTH AFRICA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 12:00 Auditorium
Small scale digitization planning and implementation workshop Cavaglieri AUSTRIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:00 Conference Room 2
Role of private and individual collectors in access for all! spoken Chandvankar INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:00 Conference Room 1
Evolving the archival space – changing needs of access and dissemination panel Chaudhuri INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Towards an open and accessible sound and audiovisual archives: Case study of Zimbabwe spoken Chisita ZIMBABWE 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 11:30 Conference Room 1
The Digital Object of Desire: Cognition and Access spoken Das Gupta INDIA 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 10:30 Conference Room 1
Notions of Access: Performance Practices in the Digital Archive spoken Dave INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 14:00 Conference Room 1
Preserving the recordings of the Composers Forum: A case study spoken Davis UNITED STATES 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 12:00 Conference Room 1
Community Archiving in the Digital Context spoken Deo UNITED KINGDOM 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:30 Conference Room 1
The Samvaad Foundation – Archiving Hindustani Music spoken Deshpande INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 10:00 Conference Room 1
Hindi Film Music on YouTube and Torrents: Of Piracy, Memory and Love spoken Duggal INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 13:30 Conference Room 1
Curating for manifold use in a digital world panel Fennesz-Juhasz AUSTRIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 14:00 Auditorium
Preservation and Provision of Access of a national non-broadcast archive: the digitization of the Music collection of the National Library of Israel spoken Flam ISRAEL 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:00 Auditorium