Professional visits

Professional Visits on Tuesday 9 October 2012:

Registered IASA conference participants have an option of visiting one audio-visual archive from the three listed below. Transport will be arranged from and to the venue to each of the archives. Due to distances, we have scheduled a half day.

For those interested in National Archives, the Sangeet Natak Akademi and the two broadcasting archives share the role of being the national sound and audiovisual archives in India.


Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology – American Institute of Indian Studies (ARCE).

The ARCE is a research archive, though national in scope and was established in 1982 with the aim of creating a centralized archive of music and oral traditions of India.

Today it has over 200 collections of close to 20,000 hours of voluntarily deposited collections of audio and video recordings. In addition to the field recordings ARCE also houses commercial recordings from 78 rpm vinyl to CDs. It is currently in the process of digitizing its holdings.

ARCE is in Gurgaon, roughly an hour’s drive from the Conference venue.


Broadcasting Archives:

This visit will include two archives in the same premises of the national broadcasting houses:–
• the Central Archives of the All India Radio (Akashvani), and
• the Doordarshan television archives.

The All India Radio archives has audio recordings that go back to 1956 and is the oldest national repository of recordings, especially of Indian classical music traditions.

The Doordarshan Archives is relatively new, and was established in the last decade.
It has a considerable archiving infrastructure and has a digital asset management system.

Sangeet Natak Akademi Archives:
The Sangeet Natak Akademi is the national academy of the performing arts including music dance and theatre of India and was established in 1952.sangeet-natak-akademi

The archives contain recordings ranging from film to audio and video.
These are of the national and regional programs that it holds, of their award functions as well as recordings of their own documentation projects.