Arriving at Delhi airport

UPDATED 28 September 2012


Welcome to Delhi and the 2012 IASA Annual Conference! On arrival at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, you will find multiple options to help you reach your hotel. We recommend that in advance of your travel you get in touch with our travel partners, CHIME Tours Pvt. Ltd. ( Email:;  Phone: +91 124 421 7800) directly with your arrival information, and they will arrange for a pick-up at the airport. You can also indicate whether you are willing to share transport with other IASA participants. A representative from CHIME will meet you with a placard and paging if necessary.

That apart, you can also easily find buses and radio taxi services, like Meru Cabs ( Phone: +91 11 44224422) and Mega Cabs (  Phone: +91 11 41414141). There are counters at the airport right outside the doors. There are also prepaid taxi counters at the airport.

Taxis should cost you anywhere between Rs.600 to Rs.1500 depending on your destination. In addition, if you are landing in Delhi late in the night, you will be required to pay extra charges for night travel in these cabs.

You may alternatively enquire at your hotel if they can organize a pick-up for you at the airport.

We regret that we are not able to arrange for welcome desks at the airport as was initially planned. However, we hope that all this information will make your entry into the city comfortable and hassle-free.