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The Digital Object of Desire: Cognition and Access spoken Das Gupta INDIA 7 OCTOBER SUNDAY 10:30 Conference Room 1
Notions of Access: Performance Practices in the Digital Archive spoken Dave INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 14:00 Conference Room 1
Travelling with an Archive spoken Bhowmik INDIA 10 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 16:00 Conference Room 1
Locating Copyright in Free Speech Doctrine spoken Sheikh INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:30 Auditorium
From Ownership to Trusteeship: Archival challenges to the imagination of Intellectual Property keynote Liang INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 11:00 Auditorium
Music Rights, Copyright and User Rights: Birth of new business models? panel Sinha INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 11:00 Conference Room 1
Enabling Access based platforms for Audio/Visual and Static Content spoken Sood INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:30 Auditorium
Role of private and individual collectors in access for all! spoken Chandvankar INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:00 Conference Room 1
Limitations of the Individual Indian Collector in the Preservation and Digitization of Ethnic Music in 78 rpm Shellac Records spoken Kunnelpurayidom INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 11:30 Conference Room 1
Bridging the gap: Democratizing Media Access spoken Srinivasan INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 13:30 Auditorium
Digitized networking of Indian Music Archives: In search for a common Language spoken Gopalakrishnan INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 14:30 Auditorium
Access and Community Usage –experiences from the Catapult Arts Caravan spoken Sarkar INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:30 Conference Room 1
Archiving acoustics spoken Manthravadi INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 16:00 Auditorium
Hindi Film Music on YouTube and Torrents: Of Piracy, Memory and Love spoken Duggal INDIA 11 OCTOBER THURSDAY 13:30 Conference Room 1
Experiential museums: spaces for diverse audiences to engage with audiovisual resources spoken Prasad INDIA 8 OCTOBER MONDAY 13:30 Conference Room 1
Private music archives of Lutfullah Khan and others in Pakistan: ‘Treasuring in’ a nostalgia of the undivided South Asia spoken Saeed INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:00 Auditorium
Oscillating between free & mediated access online: The case of NaadSaagar Archives & Documentation Society for South Asian Music spoken Zuberi INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 09:00 Conference Room 1
The Samvaad Foundation – Archiving Hindustani Music spoken Deshpande INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 10:00 Conference Room 1
Post-transactional forms of market relations in the music industry panel Jha INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 11:00 Conference Room 1
Notions of property and infringement in the early music industry in India panel Pathasarathi INDIA 9 OCTOBER TUESDAY 11:00 Conference Room 1